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Dawn of Renewable Energy

Energizing Africa.

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

We all agree energy costs are rising at record rates across Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa. Businesses are being pushed to go-green, while carbon emissions reduction is set to be part of our future, companies need to plan for change. As a company concerned about rising energy costs and the environment, implementing a renewable energy project is one solution - but it’s capital-intensive and focuses you away from your core business. With Adaptis Energy’s plan, businesses reduce carbon and energy costs without the need for large capital outlay or risk. Each of our plans lowers your cost and carbon footprint while providing financially viable alternatives to current energy sources.

About Us

Adaptis Energy is an energy solution company that is offered by leading installers, design experts, and sales partners across Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa.

Let’s talk about Numbers:



With a highly specialized and skilled engineering service and systems

design team, we have been able to set ourselves apart from the rest.



We consider our reach as a company to be truly Pan-African scaling

across the divides of language and culture to be a truly international




We pride ourselves on our work. We always strive to maintain the

highest quality standards and ensure that each client has a smile on

their face.

Green Future

As the reach and scale of renewable energy increases, so does the urgency to ensure this scale is supported by sustainable practice. Integrating sustainability in everything we do is a part of this. In support of this, Adaptis Energy has committed to respecting human rights within the development of  energy projects that we contribute to. This is being firmed up with the launch of the CSR strategy “Leading a responsible and inclusive energy transition”.

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