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We Beleive In Energy Solutions For A Prosperous Future





We work closely and openly with you to understand your business goals and how best to meet your needs, collaborating toward innovative long-term solutions.  Each customer and project is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your specific requirements, and then work with you to plan the most effective way to meet them. Developing an energy plant is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders, from insurance companies to financiers to regulators. We are well-versed in interacting with all these partners to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.



At adaptis Energy we strive every day to deliver with our partners superior cost-effective wind technologies, products and services for you. Our mission reconfirms our persistent ambition of meeting customer expectations and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions throughout the entire value-chain of an energy project. Every Adaptis Energy employee will cooperate with you throughout the lifetime of your project to bring you the highest return on your investment. We will be open and honest with you every step of the way, providing you with status reports and progress updates through a dedicated customer portal.




Our expertise involves more than just delivering  energy projects. We cover the entire life cycle the project , minimizing our customers’ risks and increasing their returns. We work as a strategic business partner helping our customers from the moment they decide to invest in energy projects until long after the project  has been commissioned.




The current market conditions and fierce competition within the energy industry increases the need for Adaptis energy to rely more on suppliers to deliver outstanding quality, innovation and flexibility. This is key in order to reduce waste across the value chain and deliver benchmark cost levels for our products and services. 

We are always looking for new suppliers who can deliver high-quality products  and solutions at the right time and price. If you can deliver high-quality products at the right time and at the right price, please contact us by filling out the Supplier enquiry web form. 




Adaptis Energy's mission is to deliver best-in-class  energy solutions and set the pace in our industry to the benefit of our customers and the planet. To achieve our mission, we are guided by our high standards on how we do business. We consider our Business Partners to play a key role in supporting our mission. To support our Business Partners in following Adaptis Energy standards, we have developed our Business Partner Code of Conduct and these Guidelines.

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct outlines the minimum requirements that our Business Partners shall respect and comply with when conducting business with Adaptis. We include these minimum requirements in our contracts with Business Partners. These Guidelines provide guidance for our Business Partners on our minimum requirements.

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